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3 years ago @ 10:05AM

2017-2018 LHS Athletic Handbook for Parents & Students















The Page County Public School system hereby announces that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, or handicapping condition.  Requirements against discrimination extend to employment in this school system, as well as admission thereto.



Page County Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




Every student


valued, every


student prepared,


every student








The Luray High School Student-Athletics/Activity Handbook has been developed to aid the student athlete, parent and/or guardian, and the coaching staff, to gain an understanding of the policies governing the total activities program of Luray High School.  Hopefully this manual will serve as a reference guide, presenting basic information and knowledge essential to the success of the athletic program.  Familiarity with the rules and regulations should eliminate misunderstandings due to lack of information.


    Any questions relating to information found in this handbook, or if you are unable to find what you are looking for,  please call Mr. Clint Runyan (Principal), Mrs. Leigh Ann Pettit (Assistant Principal), or Mr. Don Ehlers (Athletic Director), at 540-743-3800.  You can also reach them by e-mail at:



Sports schedules are available at Luray High School at the beginning of each season and can also be obtained from the school web page or the address below:


This handbook is intended for the following VHSL activities in which students at LHS compete:


                                 FALL             WINTER        SPRING


                                Cheerleading*               Boys’ Basketball*       Baseball*       

                                Cross Country*              Cheerleading*                   Boys’ Soccer*

                                Football*        Girls’ Basketball*    Girls’ Soccer                                      Golf*                  Scholastic Bowl    Softball*

                                Volleyball*        Indoor Track        Track & Field*



*Indicates Varsity and Junior Varsity sports


Luray High School Athletics




    The athletic program shall serve to inspire the pursuit of excellence through honest effort, fair play and personal integrity.  Our highest priority is to enhance the educational growth of our young men and women.  The primary purpose of the Department of Athletics shall be to provide a successful, quality, competitive interscholastic experience for Luray High School students which will enrich their lives, provide the necessary training ground for life growth, enhance the image of the institution and build upon the academic mission of the school.




    The athletic department experience of student athletes should be positive, rewarding and enjoyable while achieving their high school diploma.  The provision of excellent role models, facilities and services shall enable these students to maximize their potential.  In this manner, the athletic program will be a source of pride to all associated with Luray High School.   





?To maximize opportunities for student-athletes to participate in quality athletic programs.


?To maximize opportunities for student-athletes to acquire positive values and sportsmanship from their competitive sports experience and life skills from our programs.


?To provide equitable opportunities for all student-athletes.


?To field teams capable of competing on an equal footing with peer schools and which are competitive for district, regional and state championships.


?To provide an atmosphere for participants to realize the importance of others, personal dignity, individual rights and the value of cooperative teamwork to attain personal and team goals.


?To develop high standards of ethical conduct and the motivation and commitment necessary for academic success, leading to the graduation of all student-athletes.


?To maximize positive involvement of all the various groups within the school.


?To foster the highest standards of ethical conduct and fair play.


?To enhance the image of Luray High School.




    The Virginia High School League (VHSL) is an organization of public schools in Virginia.  The league seeks to encourage student participation in desirable school activities by conducting or supporting programs of interscholastic activities.  The VHSL is composed of schools, grouped by school size based on enrollments of grades 10-12. The New VHSL is composed of 6 classifications.  Group 6A being the largest enrollments going down to Group 1A being schools under 475 students:


Group 6A-the largest one-sixth of Virginia’s high schools.

Group 5A-the second largest one-sixth of Virginia’s high schools.

Group 4A-the third largest one-sixth of Virginia’s high schools.

Group 3A-the fourth largest one-sixth of Virginia’s high schools.

Group 2A-The fifth largest one-sixth of Virginia’s high schools.

Group1A—the smallest one-sixth of Virginia’s high schools.(Luray High School)


    Luray High School is in Group 1A.  There are two regions in Virginia.  Each region has 3 or more conferences. Luray High School is in Region 1A East, a member of Conference 44 and the  Shenandoah District that is composed of the following high schools:


Buffalo Gap High School

East Rockingham High School

Luray High School

Page County High School

Riverheads High School

Stonewall Jackson High School

Stuarts Draft High School

Wilson Memorial High School




Playoffs now begin with Conference 44 play.  The following schools make up Conference 44:


Altavista High School

                                                   Galileo Magnet

Highland High School

   Luray High School

                                                               Riverheads High School

   Stonewall Jackson High School

            William Campbell High School




    Luray High School varsity and selected JV teams play a round robin or double round robin Shenandoah District master schedule, prepared by the district athletic directors.  This schedule includes all district schools which field a team in a sport or VHSL activity.   Teams outside the district are added to complete the schedule.  Varsity teams which play master district schedules are eligible for district,conference, region and state championships.




   To be eligible to represent your school in any VHSL interscholastic contest, you

♦  must be a regular bona fide student in good standing of the school you represent.

♦  must be enrolled in the last four years of high school (8th graders are eligible for JV).

♦  must have enrolled not later than the fifteenth day of the current semester.

♦  for the first semester must be currently enrolled in not fewer than five subjects, or their equivalent, offered for credit and which may be used for graduation and have passed five subjects, or their equivalent, offered for credit and which may be used for graduation the immediately preceding year or the immediately preceding semester for school that certify credits on a semester basis.  (Check with your principal for equivalent requirements).  Students may not repeat courses for  eligibility purposes for which credit has been previously awarded.

    (Note: For schools using block scheduling, three semester block courses satisfy the five subject requirements.)

♦ for the second semester must be enrolled in not fewer than five subjects, or their equivalent, offered for credit which may be used for graduation the immediately preceding year.

♦   must sit out all VHSL competition for 365  consecutive calendar days following a school transfer unless the transfer corresponded with a family move. (Check with principal for exceptions).

♦  must not have reached your nineteenth birthday on or before the first day of August of the current school year.

♦  must not, after entering the ninth grade for the first time, have enrolled in or been eligible for enrollment in high school more than eight consecutive semesters. For this student, the eight consecutive semesters shall be counted continuously beginning with his/her first semester in the ninth grade or the first semester in which he/she becomes “un-graded”, whichever comes first.

♦  must have submitted to your principal before any kind of participation, including tryouts or practice as a member of any school athletic or cheerleading team, an athletic participation/parent consent/ physical examination form, completely filled in and properly signed attesting that you have been examined during this school year and found to be physically fit for athletic competition and that your parents consent to your participation.

♦   must not be in violation of the VHSL amateur, awards, all star or college team rules. (Check with principal for clarification regarding cheerleading)


    Eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics is a privilege you earn by meeting not only the above-listed minimum standards, but also all other standards set by your League, district and school.  If you have questions regarding your eligibility or are in doubt about the effect an activity might have on your eligibility, check with your principal for interpretations and exceptions provided under league rules. Meeting the intent and spirit of League standards will prevent you, your team, school and community from being penalized.  When allowing their son/daughter to join a VHSL team, parents also give their consent and approval for his/her picture and name to be printed in any high school or VHSL athletic program, publication or video.  Local school divisions and VHSL districts may require additional standards to those listed above.




    The student shall be a regular bona fide student in good standing in the school that he/she represents:


1.   A “regular” student is considered a full time student who is in regular attendance and is carrying a schedule of subjects that, if successfully completed, will render him/her scholastically eligible for league participation the ensuing semester.

2.   Any student who is under penalty of suspension, or whose character is such as to reflect discredit upon his/her school, is not considered in good standing.  




    Good sportsmanship is an area of special emphasis at LHS.  The VHSL Handbook states that the athlete as well as participants in other VHSL activities should:


1.  Be courteous to visiting teams and officials.

2.  Play hard and to the limit of his/her ability, regardless of discouragement.  A true athlete does not give up nor does he/she quarrel, cheat, bet or grandstand.

3.  Retain his/her composure at all times and never leave the bench or enter the playing field/court to engage in a fight.

4.  Be modest when successful and gracious in defeat.  A true sportsman does not offer excuses for failures.

5. Maintain a high degree of physical fitness by observing team and training rules conscientiously.

6. Demonstrate loyalty to the school by maintaining a satisfactory scholastic standing and by participating in or supporting other school activities.

7.    Play for the love of the game.

8.    Understand and observe the rules of the game and the standards of eligibility.

9.    Set a high standard of personal cleanliness.

10.   Respect the integrity and judgment of officials and accept their decisions without question.

11.   Respect the facilities of host schools and the trust entailed in being a guest.


    If a player is ejected for un-sportsmanlike conduct, that player becomes ineligible to participate in the next contest.  (This does not apply to basketball players who must leave the game after five personal fouls.)  Major infractions of sportsmanship rules including ejections, will be reported to the VHSL and violations are subject to disciplinary action by the league and sanctions against member schools.  Individual coaches and /or the Athletic Department may increase (above the VHSL penalties) the penalties for students who are ejected from a contest.




    All athletes must have an annual physical prior to trying out or participating in VHSL activities.  Physicals completed after May 1 of any year are acceptable for the following school year’s eligibility.  Athletes must have medical insurance through their family or purchase student medical insurance through the school.

Note:  School insurance does not cover Varsity Football; an additional policy must be purchased for this coverage.  The VHSL and Luray High School feel that parents should be aware that severe injuries and death can occur through participation in high school athletics.




    Any student participating on a Luray High School athletic/academic team may not be excused or permitted to miss a scheduled team practice or event to meet, practice or compete with a non-school/independent team.  Each absence or early dismissal for participation in a non-school/independent team function may result in suspension from the next scheduled school/VHSL sanctioned competition.  Consistent infractions may result in elimination from the high school team and/or loss of eligibility for district competitions in accordance with team rules and attendance policies.




    Student athletes at Luray HS are expected to only participate in (1) one VHSL sport during any given season.  Participation in (2) two VHSL sports during the same season is highly discouraged.  The athlete may participate in (1) one VHSL sport and (1) VHSL academic team if they wish.  Student athletes must work with both coaches to determine which sport will take precedence during conflicts.  A student athlete, who is not in season, may participate in multiple VHSL academic teams as long the participation does not run into or during the time of a VHSL sport activity (at which time they would be limited to one academic team).  Non athletes may participate in multiple VHSL academic teams at their discretion.



     Team members who are absent for any part of the school day, must have written permission from their parent or appointment provider.  Only team members who have acquired prior administrative approval may participate on a day when the athlete misses any part of the school day. Students who are ill should recognize that the most important way to help their team is to recover quickly.  Typically, this happens when one allows himself/herself to recover properly by resting.


       If, in the judgment of the Athletic Administration, an athlete begins to miss an unacceptable amount of academic instruction, a meeting will be held involving the athlete, the head coach and an Athletic Administrator.  This meeting will conclude with the athlete signing a “notice of pending suspension”.  If academic time continues to be neglected, the Athletic Administration will implement a period of suspension for the athlete.  Further absences during or after the suspension period will result in the athlete being removed from the team and possibly subsequent seasons.


     Students, who are assigned out–of–school suspension (OSS), or in-school suspension (ISS), may NOT participate in athletic or other school related activities on the day they serve the suspension.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform their coach of any disciplinary action imposed upon them prior to participating in any practice, contest or team organized event.




Any athlete who quits a team during a season is required to notify the head coach in person and arrange a meeting between the athlete and the coach.  In certain situations the athlete’s parent/guardian may be requested to attend. This meeting must occur within (2) two weeks of the athletes last participation to remain eligible for subsequent seasons.  During this meeting, the athlete will turn in all uniforms and equipment to remain in good standing with the school.  Athletes competing in sports in which individuals may advance in tournament competitions will consider the team’s season to be complete when they have competed in their last event.  Athletes who are cut during tryouts may join tryouts of another athletic team if agreed upon by both head coaches.  




    Student athletes are expected to travel as a team using school provided transportation to and from contest sites.  It is the philosophy of the coaching staff that camaraderie and espirit de corps are cultivated by equal treatment and spending time together as a group.  While riding a school bus is not particularly enjoyable, the experience of doing so is invaluable in “bonding as a team”.

    Conduct and expectations while traveling to and from contests will be at the specific sports coach’s discretion; however, all school rules (dress, behavior, etc.) must be followed.  Generally, all players are expected to take school arranged transportation to and from all contests.  In extenuating circumstances, a parent can pre-arrange to take their child with them after the contest, but this can only be done with  written permission from the athletes’ parents after the contest.  Parents must sign the travel sheet clipboard.




    The Athletic Department of Luray HS will provide the following as funds permit for teams whose season extends beyond the regular season:  the head coach of teams competing in state playoffs/tournaments that travel greater than 150 miles will select one of the following:   1) the team will depart the day prior to the event using county transportation and stay in hotel rooms provided by the school. Athletes will be expected to stay 4/room as set forth by the VHSL;   2) the team will travel via charter bus the day of competition.  If this option is selected, athletes will be expected to ride the charter to and from the competition.  Provisions beyond those listed may be provided through the use of a team’s fundraiser account or through parental/community donation but must be approved by the Athletic Administration.





    Team members are expected to demonstrate good citizenship and behavior at all times.  Behavior reflects directly on the school, coaches and the athlete or team member.  Team members should strive to provide leadership in athletics and in the classrooms, hallways and in the community.

    Self-discipline should be sufficient to keep athletes from serious school discipline problems that would interfere with their participation.  Athletes or other participants who are disciplined in school should expect that coaches will be concerned about their behavior and may take additional steps to ensure that their behavior is acceptable.  Any athlete who commits a discipline infraction serious enough to be suspended, in school or out of school, is not permitted to participate in that day’s activity.  If an athlete is assigned after school detention, that assignment takes priority over practice or contests.  An athlete may be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities if he/she is placed on Poor School Standing.




    Individual coaches may also establish rules for their sport and season that are specific to the sport.  The team rules may vary from sport to sport depending on the intent or safety requirements of the sport.  Coaches will distribute specific team rules early in the season to be clear about expectations.  Athletes are required to abide by all school rules as set forth in the student handbook as well as additional rules set forth by the coach.

Team members or parents who have a concern about the rules of a team or their application should speak with or arrange to meet with the coach.


         The VHSL has set mandatory disciplinary actions for various incidences that occur on the field of play (i.e. un-sportsmanlike conduct).  However, the school’s Administration as well as the Athletic Administration may impose additional penalties at their discretion.  This applies to incidences that occur on the field, in the school or in the community.




    Any form of hazing or other rites of initiation or intimidation are strictly forbidden at any time, on or off school property.




    Alcohol, tobacco and drug use does not enhance or assist the development of athletes or other students.  There is a significant amount of research that shows the effects of these substances are dangerous to the health and condition of athletes.  Use, possession, or involvement with alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal drugs, and/or the misuse or abuse of any medication or other substance, is not acceptable to the coaches and administration of the school and is strictly prohibited.

    A student athlete or other VHSL team member will be suspended or dismissed from any team of which he/she is a member and could be ruled ineligible to represent the school in the subsequent season, if it is determined that he/she is involved in any of the following:


  1. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages during the sports season in which he/she is participating.  This rule is in effect twenty-four hours per day during the season.

  2. Use or possession of illegal drugs during the sports season in which he/she is participating.  This rule is in effect twenty-four hours per day during the season.

  3. Conviction for, or evidence of being involved in a criminal activity that reflects on the school or the athletic program in a negative way, regardless of when the offense may have occurred.


In order to assure that all athletes are aware of the rules, the statement enclosed within this handbook must be signed by the athlete and parent/guardian to signify that those individuals have read and understand the regulations contained in this handbook, as they apply to the athletic program of the school.  This signed statement should be returned to the school before the student athlete is allowed to participate in any manner.


           In addition to any other consequences which may result, a student who is a member of a school athletic team will be ineligible for two school years to compete in interscholastic athletic competition if the school principal and the division superintendent determine that the student used anabolic steroids during the training period immediately preceding or during the sport season of the athletic team, unless such steroid was prescribed by a licensed physician for a medical condition.




        The athletic participation fee should be paid as soon as possible or by the first contest of the season.  The fee is $25.00 and covers the athlete for the entire school year.  Payments should be made to the school athletic director.  Athletes do not have to pay before they try-out for a sport which will have to make cuts.




    Students may not be on school property unless they are supervised in an activity.   A coach or approved school staff member must supervise the activity.  Students may only use the weight room if a coach or school weight trainer is supervising.  Students should not stay after school for a game or activity unless directly supervised by a coach.

    Once on school property, students must enter the building or practice area promptly.  Sitting in vehicles or standing in the parking lot is prohibited.  Students may not go to the parking lot at any time during practice without permission from the coach.  Students must park in the main, lined, student-parking area.  




    Athletes are assigned lockers and provided locks in the school locker room.  Personal locks are not allowed to be placed on lockers.  Valuables or money should not be left in the locker room or in lockers.  The school will not be responsible for items lost or stolen.




    Depending on weather conditions, the Superintendent of Schools may allow practice or playing of a contest on a day school is closed.  The decision will be made after 12:00 noon. Once the decision is made, each coach will personally contact their athletes or initiate a previously designed plan.  Generally, information can be found on the school website or the activity line. When school is released early due to inclement weather or other unplanned releases, all practices and games are usually canceled.




    The image of the school travels with the students and athletes.  Pride in one’s school and one’s team is important.  Each coach will establish dress requirements for the team.  All school dress code rules are expected to be followed by the athletes or other participants, in addition to the coach’s dress requirements.




    Team uniforms, travel bags, and equipment are the property of the school.  These items are expensive.  The school and the Booster Club have spent a great deal of time and money to ensure that our teams have uniforms that will last and which are in presentable condition.  All issued uniforms, travel bags, and equipment must be returned promptly within one week of the final competition.  Athletes or participants not turning in all equipment which belongs to the school will not be allowed to try-out, play or practice in any other sport or participate in other school activities such as dances and graduation until items are returned or replaced.




    Driving directions to all common away facilities can be obtained through the coaching staff of each sport or a directory will be available on the Luray HS website.  




    As designated by the VHSL, a student shall not have accepted, nor accept from any source whatsoever, in recognition of or as a reward for his/her athletic skill, any award other than letters, medals, charms, cups, plaques, letter sweaters or similar trophies, or any award of value other than of intrinsic value.  These listed awards may be accepted only when presented or approved by his/her school, or when earned in VHSL sanctioned meets or tournaments.  Athletes must complete the sports season as defined by the VHSL in good standing with the school in order to receive any awards/honors associated with participation in a particular sport.  The principal will confirm such eligibility for awards.


    Any student of Luray HS may purchase a varsity letter jacket.  Only those students who have lettered in a varsity sport will be provided the “L” emblem by the Athletic Administration for the jacket, as well as the emblems and bars for each sport.  Each head coach determines the criteria for lettering in their sport; specific sport information is listed below.


    An Athletic Awards Reception will be held at the end of each season to recognize the recipients of participation certificates, letters, and team awards.  The Booster Club and Athletic Department sponsor an End-of-Year Banquet to recognize the Sportsmanship Award winners (male and female) and to distribute the Senior Participation Awards.  




    General requirements to earn an athletic letter are as follows:


1. The athlete must be a member of the squad for the entire season.  Anyone who otherwise qualifies for a letter and then drops from the team or is removed for any reason other than personal illness or injury will not be eligible to receive a letter.


2. The athlete must conduct himself/herself in a manner which will not discredit the school, both on and off the court or field.


3. All awarding of letters will be on the recommendation of the coach.




    Academic requirements by colleges and universities are increasing.  The NCAA (Division I only) now requires that students enroll in college preparatory courses in high school and that students register with the NCAA Clearinghouse in order to assure eligibility.  The student should not register before the end of the junior year because the clearinghouse cannot process a student’s certification until it has received a transcript that shows at least 6 completed semesters of high school.  For more information visit the clearinghouse website at:


    One of the first questions asked by college coaches is about grades and test scores.  Students who are serious about pursuing athletics at the college level need to prepare for the academic requirements of college while they are still in high school.




    The number one priority of parents in LHS athletics should be that their child has a positive and productive athletic experience that teaches such values as integrity, perseverance, loyalty, humor and teamwork.  Often times, teamwork is the most difficult to teach and understand.  Many times one has to give up individual goals and attitudes in order to achieve team success.

    Parents need to help their child understand the various points of view involved in the team concept.  All groups involved, whether athletes, parents, coaches, or administrators, have unique perspectives of their responsibilities.  As adults, we need to understand and teach the concept of being part of a team and the fragile nature of the team.  There is no place on the team for selfish players with selfish attitudes.  Success is based on teamwork, not individual statistics.  Each person must realize his or her special part in the group effort.

    The parent’s role in developing this interdependent relationship should consist of basic support and support by caring.  Parents are responsible to provide proper nutrition, proper rest, and time management skills to help children remain focused on the values of athletics.

    As well, children must feel that parents care about the athletic experience by showing interest and concern.  The parent must also show this care by honestly assessing their child’s ability.  This will help to instill true confidence and will show that the parent cares about the child’s progress and improvement.

    Most particularly and painfully, it is difficult for a parent to witness a child’s disappointment in team losses, or in not being chosen for a team or not being assigned to a hoped-for position, or not playing many minutes or not playing at all in a game.  The parent must fight all urges to allow such disappointment to ruin what should be an experience of growth and development for the child.  

    In understanding and helping to teach these team concepts and concerns, parents can display supportive and caring attitudes and behavior, or can display behavior which is unreasonable and unacceptable.  For example:


1. Parental neglect to provide support and understanding is not acceptable.


2. Loud, obnoxious, profane or unsportsmanlike behavior is not acceptable.


3. Open criticism of an athlete child, team, coach or referee is unacceptable and rarely brings about positive change.


4. Demands for coach/parent conferences following contests are not acceptable.  These can be scheduled later, if needed.




    Likewise, parents, family and community members are not responsible for game strategies, program philosophy, rating players, choosing the team or assigning playing time, and any evaluation of players, coaches or referees.  If parents can avoid the potential problems noted and focus on the enjoyment of the game, then their child’s experience in athletics will most likely be a positive and rewarding one.


The goal of the Luray High School athletic program is to provide students the opportunity to become self-disciplined, learn teamwork, perform better academically, improve decision-making skills and be better prepared for life. It is the school administration’s expectation that all spectators (fans, parents, family members, etc.) and participants (students, coaches, officials, etc.) demonstrate “good behavior” when attending any school function. Sportsmanship is a must and all adults are expected to set the example.


Prior to the beginning of every sport season (fall, winter, spring), at least one parent and student will be required to attend a student-athlete handbook meeting. At this meeting the varsity and JV coaches will be both be present along with the Athletic Director, at least one building administrator, athletic trainer, and school resource officer if possible. If a student or parent cannot attend this meeting, the child will not be allowed to begin the practice season. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the school and set up an alternative time to meet with the coach, Athletic Director, and school administrator. At the conclusion of the meeting the student and parent/guardian will sign saying they understand and agree to follow the following.


  1. During any event, any spectator who continues to yell at a coach, player, game official or spectator of an opposing team will be escorted away from the playing area and asked to leave.


  1. During any event, any spectator who approaches the coaching bench or scores table at any time (unless asked by administration) will be escorted away from the playing area and asked to leave.


  1. During any event the use of profanity will not be tolerated by any participant or spectator. It will be the school administration’s decision as to what the consequences will be for the individual in question. At a minimum, players will be immediately removed from the event and be asked to sit for a designated amount of time. Coaches will be suspended until a meeting with the superintendent occurs. Spectators will be escorted away from the playing area and asked to leave.


  1. All practices are considered “closed” and not open to spectators. Any spectator who tries to attend a practice will be escorted away from the playing area and asked to leave.


  1. Any spectator asked to leave a school event will be required to meet with administration. It is the school administration’s decision if the spectator in question will be allowed to attend the next game.


  1. Any spectator asked to leave a school event for a second time will be banned for the remainder of that season.


  1. School administration has the authority to ban a spectator for the entire season, year, or permanently.




    The Luray Athletic Association exists for the purpose of supporting the extracurricular programs of the school. Meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month, except in June and July.  Membership in the Booster Club is one way to help assist the programs of the school.  We encourage active membership in this group.  Officers are elected each year; contact Luray High School for more information.

President:  Susette Rooks





      Luray High School came into existence in 1903 and was located on Court Street in Luray.  In 1930, the facility at 14 Luray Avenue was constructed.  In 2009, the new Luray High School was built, allowing the old high school to become Luray Middle School, our feeder school.  LHS consists of grades 9-12 and has an approximate enrollment of 600 students.

      Page County is bordered on the East by the Blue Ridge Mountains and on the West by the Massanutten Mountain.  The student body of LHS comes from the small towns of Luray and Rileyville, from the rolling hills of the Page Valley and from the hollows of the beautiful Blue Ridge.


School Colors

Maroon and White

School Mascot



Alma Mater

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater

Hail to thee, O Luray High

With glory, laud, and honor

The Maroon and White fly high

If thy noble sons and daughters,

All with joy and rapture may,

From our hearts and souls forever,

We say Hail to Thee, Luray!




    All LHS athletes and other participants and their parents must read this handbook and sign the last page indicating they have done so before practicing or competing in any activity.  Completed forms should be given to the head coach, and will remain on file by the Athletic Director for the duration of the school year.




2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR




    Alcohol, tobacco and drug use does not enhance or assist the development of athletes or other students.  There is a significant amount of research that shows the effects of these substances are dangerous to the health and condition of athletes.  Use, possession, or involvement with alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal drugs, and/or the misuse or abuse of any medication or other substance, is not acceptable to the coaches and administration of the school and is strictly prohibited.

    A student athlete or other VHSL team member will be suspended or dismissed from any team of which he/she is a member and could be ruled ineligible to represent the school in the subsequent season, if it is determined that he/she is involved in any of the following:


  1. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages during the sports season in which he/she is participating.  This rule is in effect twenty-four hours per day during the season.


  1. Use or possession of illegal drugs during the sports season in which he/she is participating.  This rule is in effect twenty-four hours per day during the season.


  1. Conviction for, or evidence of being involved in a criminal activity that reflects on the school or the athletic program in a negative way, regardless of when the offense may have occurred.


We have reviewed a copy of the PCPS spectator & player behavior contract and agree to expectations of positive support of the LHS athletic teams, coaches & officials.


We have reviewed a copy of the Luray High School/VHSL Concussion Awareness Handout.  We have read this handout and we are aware of the recognition signs and dangers of concussions as they apply to athletics at Luray High School.


We have received a copy of the Luray High School VHSL Student Activities Handbook.  We have read this handbook and we are aware of the expectations, rules and regulations as they apply to the athletic programs and other VHSL activities at Luray High School.


    Student Athlete: (PRINT) ____________________________________


Student Athlete: (SIGNATURE) _______________________________


      Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________________


Date: __________________



Athletes may not practice or participate

until this form is signed and returned!

Coaches:  Please give to Athletic Director as soon as form is received.


Athletic Information Options


Call:  540-743-3800


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