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2 years ago @ 9:56AM

2017 Group 1A East All-Region -- Softball

1st Team


Pitcher                                Emily Bankson                                  Windsor                              11th                      

Pitcher                                Madison South                                 Mathews                            12th

Pitcher                                Chelsey McClung                             Luray                                   10th

Catcher                               Lexi Miles                                          Mathews                            12th

1st Base                               Meredith Slaw                                  Rappahannock                  11th

2nd Base                              Caroline Crittenden                         Mathews                            10th

3rd Base                               Courtney Berhalter                         Rappahannock                  12th

SS                                         Keely Crittenden                              Mathews                            12th

DP-Flex                               Savanna Hanger                               Riverheads                         12th

Outfield                              Sydney Carter                                   Windsor                              11th

Outfield                              Kirsten Beatley                                 Mathews                            12th

Outfield                              Madison Pierson                              Rappahannock                  12th

Outfield                              Faith Richards                                   Luray                                   10th

Utility                                  Kayla Anthony                                  Central Lunenburg            12th


Player of the Year

Meredith Slaw                                  Rappahannock                  11th

Coach of the Year

Robert Thomas                                Mathews


2nd Team


Pitcher                                Hailey Bayne                                     Central Lunenburg            11th             

Pitcher                                Arleigh Wood                                   Essex                                   12th

Pitcher                                Jenna Whelan                                   Rappahannock                  12th

Catcher                               Zoie Sadler                                        Northumberland               10th

1st Base                               Madisyn Jackson                              Mathews                            10th

2nd Base                              Camryon Pagan                               Windsor                              10th

3rd Base                               Ellie Armistead                                 Mathews                            9th

SS                                         Keri Hamlett                                     William Campbell              12th

DP-Flex                               Abi McClary                                      Rappahannock County        9th

Outfield                              Dominique Watson                            Central Lunenburg            12th

Outfield                              Kayla Fones                                       Essex                                 12th

Outfield                              Morgan Wilson                                    Northumberland               11th

Outfield                              Madison Cash                                   Riverheads                         12th

Utility                                  Kenzie Cox                                        Colonial Beach                  12th



Honorable Mention


Pitcher                                Kasie Fowler                                     Cumberland                       12th           

Pitcher                                Lexy Newsome                                Northumberland               12th

Pitcher                                Madison Cash                                   Riverheads                         12th

Pitcher                                Emily Waters                                    Riverheads                         10th

Catcher                               Madison O’Brien                              Windsor                              11th

Catcher                               Skylhar Pickett                                  Luray                                   9th

1st Base                               Edythe Carr                                       Windsor                              10th

 1st Base                              Kasey Crews                                     William Campbell             9th

2nd Base                              Kyndal Dawson                                Northumberland               11th

2nd Base                              Brandi Bell                                         Altavista                             12th 

3rd Base                               Kayce Gray                                        Windsor                              10th

3rd Base                               Kristen Weaver                                Luray                                   11th

SS                                         Alyssa Funai                                      Windsor                              11th

SS                                         Kacie Williams                                  Essex                                   12th 

DP-Flex                               Sariah Freeze                                    Middlesex                           12th

Outfield                              Jasmine Pierce                                 Surry                                    10th

Outfield                              Makayla Burks                                  Windsor                              10th

Outfield                              Mackenzie Widgeon                       Northampton                    11th

Outfield                              Kayla Paulos                                     Middlesex                           10th

Outfield                              Jordan McGinniss                            Colonial Beach                  11th

Outfield                              Allison Weeks                                   Altavista                             9th

Outfield                              Brentley Bomar                                William Campbell             9th

Utility                                  Sydni Presson                                   Surry                                    11th

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